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A Swinger’s Hotel Takeover Party

A Swinger’s Hotel Takeover Party

Author – Tracy Gavin

During the busy holiday season, attending parties and enjoying new and old friends was a nice breather. Big plans were on the way for New Year’s Eve and that’s where efforts were focused. A group of us had decided to attend the Virginia Friends Swingers Hotel Takeover New Year’s Eve weekend. It was going to be Wade and me, Matt and Laura, and their friends Monica and Adam who I had not yet met.

I was really looking forward to this party. While I had been to numerous hotel parties over the years, this would probably be the largest I’ve ever attended. It was being held at a hotel in Richmond, Virginia. Friday night was the pre-party, and Saturday night was the New Year’s Eve party. I believe there were supposed to be in the neighborhood of 250-300 people attending.

There are a few rules when attending an event such as this. Only couples and single females are allowed to attend. No single men for obvious reasons. And as I have mentioned before, while the couples paid an attendance fee, single females/unicorns were allowed free entry.

Because we made reservations early enough all three couples were able to get three adjoining rooms. That made things convenient and fun. When we arrived on Friday afternoon and checked in, the first thing we did was open the connecting doors so we would all have free access.

Matt and Laura quickly introduced us to Monica and Adam, an attractive couple a little younger than me. Monica was short, had a curvaceous figure with large breasts, beautiful long red hair, and a wicked laugh. Adam was her opposite, a quiet, handsome man with a beautiful smile. I knew we would become great friends.

We all went for a late dinner since the party tonight was not providing food. After dinner Wade and I attended a newcomer’s workshop since he had never been to a party such as this. There they went over the basic etiquette of swinging. Wade is also very quiet but in a rather smoldering kind of way. He really is quite the pretty boy.

The beauty of a hotel takeover party is that the entire hotel is rented out for the event so there aren’t many rules. Friday night’s party started late and the public areas were mostly limited to the seventh and eighth floors. After getting dressed to party, the six of us headed to the seventh floor where the food would be set up at midnight. There were a few playrooms on that floor, but we realized that the real action was happening one floor above us.

When stepping off the eighth floor elevator, the noise and the scene were one of a Bacchanalian debauchery in the earliest stages. The lighting was dimmed, all doors were opened, and music pervaded the space. We were like kids in a candy store not knowing where to start. There was a huge crowd, but it didn’t seem crowded. We started with a room near the elevator.

The first room we entered was rather tame. There was music and dancing and a stripper pole erected in the center. Fueled by a couple of cocktails it wasn’t long before the three of us ladies were on the platform around the pole, dancing and grinding with each other, much to crowd’s enjoyment. A couple other ladies joined in.

I was wearing jeans and a flowing top with fuck me heels. In no time the jeans came off with my top barely covering my ass and thong. No rules, remember? We danced for a while, but I have to admit that this was not my first time on a pole, although I’ve never been a stripper. The top came off next, and I was dancing in only my thong to the enjoyment of the crowd. I reached for the nearest woman, pulled her close and started kissing her. She grabbed my ass, and we put on a bit of a show for a minute or two.

I saw my friends heading into the next room. I wasn’t sure upon entering what this room was. There were many people standing around, but I couldn’t really see any action. Matt came and took my hand. He knew that I am always pretty much up for anything. In the front of the room was a Sybian mechanical vibrator. Even with my experience I had never seen one. It looked like a small saddle with a dildo on top and a control box at the end. Matt explained that the woman lowered herself onto the vibrator which rotated every which way, up and down, in circles, and had a variety of speeds. The controls, though, were handled by someone else, in this case by Matt. It seemed that no one wanted to go first, so of course I jumped right in. I was already basically naked, so I removed my thong and stood over the machine in just my heels.

Matt carefully put a condom around the dildo, and I lowered myself onto it. It was a good size, not too large or small, and the front of the saddle did a nice job of riding my clit. As I got comfortable Matt slowly started the movements. I could feel the throbbing vibrator inside me start to move, and I rode it like I was riding a bull. As he saw my pleasure increase Matt decided to take me on a real ride and increased not only the movements but the speed of the vibration. Fuck! I gotta get me one of these! Of course they cost a few thousand dollars so I guess not. The longer I rode the faster my orgasm was coming, and it was going to be a doozy. Both my clit and my G-spot were being fully stimulated. To the crowds clapping and shouting I closed my eyes as the waves almost took me down. What a trip. By the time I was done there was a line of women across the room waiting for their turn.
I wondered what interesting treats lie in store in some of the other rooms. It turns out that the next room we entered was a pussy eating contest for men. It was fun watching, but I never did learn how they determined a winner. Was it by which man got which woman off the fastest? That didn’t seem fair since not all women come at the same rate. Hmmm. I guess I would have to find that one out later.

By this time we had kind of all split up to check things out. I wandered to the next room which was the opposite of the last room…a cock sucking contest. I thought about entering since I have been told that I have unique talents (which I attribute to my 40 years as a flutist).
I found Wade, and we checked out a few other rooms. There was a room where a dominant man was teaching specific knot tying for bondage. Another was set up for foot fetishists. Down the hall was the swing room. If you’ve never had sex in a sex swing before, you should try it. A whole different kind of ride. A dominatrix stood surveying the domain of her room with a handful of men kneeling in front of her. It was a carnival of sexual entertainment. There was no pressure to participate. You could simply watch and roam.

After the late night/early morning buffet the six of us headed back to our room(s) for some group play. I had Matt’s cock in my mouth as Adam fucked me from behind, and I looked over to see both Monica and Laura going down on Wade. In switching it up I really wanted to play with Monica. She has a body that I love with large tits and generous curves. I could lie in her arms sucking on her nipples all night. So soft and such a turn on. We all took turns with one another, and it was a delightful way to end the day.

The next morning we went for a late breakfast then stopped by a local sex shop to buy a few toys and goodies such as flavored massage oil, some cock rings, and nipple clamps. Back at the hotel we noticed a large group at the indoor pool. We wandered in to check out the view since clothing was obviously optional.

Matt and Laura were discussing their most recent trip to a sex resort. I think they were talking about Hedonism. I haven’t been to one of these locations, but it is definitely on my bucket list.

The official New Year’s Eve dinner/dance on Saturday night was a dressy affair. Matt looked handsome in his tuxedo while the other two men were sexy in their suits. The women stunned in a combination of sex and glamour. We seated ourselves at a table for ten, and soon a few others joined us. One young couple was attending their first ever foray into the swinging world while another couple was searching for a single female to stay with them for the rest of the night.

Matt took turns sweeping the ladies onto the dance floor as he is an excellent dancer. Laura is, as well. And while I have great rhythm, I have trouble with ballroom dancing. I’m not good at following.

The party floors/rooms upstairs were again in full swing for the after party. Strolling the floors were people in all phases of dressing/undressing. Some were still dressed in party attire, some had changed into more casual clothing, and some had on lingerie or nothing at all. I lost count of how many people I had some version of sex with.that weekend. I know it was at least five women and five men, but I stopped counting.
We woke up on Sunday morning, the six of us, all in one room naked, intertwined from the previous night’s playtime. I ached all over! Whoever says that sex isn’t a real workout has never been to a party like this. Soon enough it was time to pack up and head back home. This was one of best New Year’s Eves I had had in a very long time.

A Swinger’s Hotel Takeover Party

Author – Tracy Gavin

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