It’s A Whoville Christmas

Venue: Club Sinday

Date: Dec 17 to Dec 18

Length: 8:00 pm – 3:00 am

Saturday December 17th
Its a Whoville Christmas
With Whovillians and Grinches, we cant go wrong!! Men, this a night for you to be grinches, but the presents you’re stealing will be panties this year!! To all grinches, we will be having a contest to see which grinch can steal the most panties!! Ladies, wear those bottoms and just try to keep them from the grinches!! Use your imagination after you read this poem:

“Twas the night before christmas, and all through the house.
The grinch was content playfully eyeing his spouse.
She was hanging stockings by the chimney with care;
Unaware that someone stared at her rear.
The green, what growled at the site so pleasant,
And his groin tightened as she sat down a present.
His eyes sparkled at the site of her ass;
His lips trembled as he took a bite of glass.
Martha may turned on her heel and gave a wink;
God how she made it impossible to think.
Grinch only smiled a patted his lap;
The lovely who obeyed in her little santa cap.
The embrace was warm like her bed at night;
His hands found her zipper but she didn’t fight.
In a flash, the cold air nipped at her breasts;
Martha gasped as his nipples brushed over his chest.
His fur felt so warm against her bare skin,
Martha may could sense the animal lurking within.
She was now on her back, legs spread wide;
The grinches obvious desire was hard to hide.
Off with her leggings; off with her coat.
A long finger traced the pulse in her throat.
Martha took in a breath as she was teased with his dick;
Oh! He was hard as a freaking brick!
Once the grinch was sure his wife was warmed up,
He shoved inside her, knocking over a cup;
But the crash was silenced by her pleasing scream.
She clung to him as tears began to stream.
“Harder! Faster!” she panted with glee,
And soon enough they were under the tree.
His pace sped up as he tweaked her tit;
Martha used her free hand to tease her clit.
The first to climax was martha may;
It was the best gift on that snowy day.
Grinch soon followed, spraying his seed;
Only she could fill his want and need.
Martha felt his full weight as he panted in her neck;
She stroke his fur and gave his cheek a peck.
His hand met hers as they succumbed to sleep;
In body and soul, they were each others to keep.
The end!!